The law firm mainly offers legal services to both Italian and foreign companies with the aim of providing full consultancy thanks to reliable and expert professionals having a lasting experience and able to guarantee a lasting multidisciplinary support through both mutual collaboration and recommendations exchanged with accountants, Notaries, and experts.

The team also supports those companies requiring the management of internal legal offices including presence on company site. The law firm includes also a department specialized in civil law such as family law, donation and inheritance, tax, administrative, commercial, and civil disputes, bankruptcy proceedings by the support of professionals having lasting and relevant experiences in those sectors.

Furthermore the law firm experts have also experienced specific competences in some sectors which are strongly regulated such as gamin, renewable energies, TLC, construction, and urban planning, antitrust, including structural funds, financing and subsidies for companies.

Description of some business activities of the law firm particularly interesting for the Clients.


The team of Experts focuses on specific commercial, contract and business issues on behalf of the Clients company by supporting the management during negotiations and specific trade agreements management which are ruled by the Italian and foreign laws, in both judicial and extrajudicial disputes management related to agreements and contracts. By way of example and by no way of limitation, their experience includes negotiation and distribution agreements, tenders, sales and purchase agreements, services, IT agreements, manufacturing contracts, outsourcing, mediation, concession agreements, franchising, commercial lease, financing. The law firm team also supports the companies during the corporate activities when setting up the company, including drawing up articles of association and customized shareholders agreements, arranging both ordinary and extraordinary company activity with a strong experience in M&A, concession, division and liquidation of the company. Such activities are always supported by tax and commercial professionals, notaries who collaborate with Project-Lex at both national and international level with the purpose of maximizing services and achieving the most satisfying outcomes for the Clients.

The Project-Lex experts matured a deep experience in their Client's assistance in different types of disputes, urgent civil, commercial, administrative and tax proceedings by way of example and by way of limitation. They deal with non concurrent litigation, wholesalers, customers, suppliers, business partners as well as the effective and rational support for those companies operating in debts collection (coming from failure to provide public funds or requests of funds previously provided by public organizations) by supporting clients starting from the pre-litigation and aiming at avoiding litigation with friendly agreements until ordinary and special judicial proceedings. The Experts, supported in case by a network of reliable and very skilled colleagues, have a lasting professional experience both in successful court rooms' disputes and also in providing services inside legal departments of the companies enabling them to have a deep knowledge of the core business activities. They also have a relevant experience in both national and international arbitrate procedures acting as lawyers and arbitrators, including in alternative disputes resolutions particularly focusing on conciliation and mediation.

The Project-Lex Experts have also a deep experience in Energy sector acquired when supporting green field development of several plants projects with the purpose of energy production from renewable electrical sources based on different technologies (i.e. photovoltaic, Aeolian and biomass) both in Italy and several European and extra-European countries such as Central and South America. The law firm operates also in the sector of new thermo-dynamics solar technologies (CSP) by supporting the Italian companies during their national development and/or internationalization of energy technologies having an articulated structure (bio-refinery and bio-methane plants) including the support of start-ups starting their activities in new and ambitious projects in such sector. Their experience includes activities starting with Greenfield until turnkey plant, by collaborating with project professionals and technicians, having also a strong technological knowledge and comprehensive management of the procedures. Contracts, national and international regulations of the development processes and plants authorizations, financing, building, and maintenance of the assets until their possible transfer are also very well known. The law firm team has also a remarkable experience in national energy regulation and its implementation through the different "Feeds-in premium" and in the procedures of the ENEL, TERNA and GSE organizations. Furthermore the team deals with energy efficiency pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 102/2014, drawing up contracts in favour of E.S.CO for "Energy performance", Energy services management, regulation/access to Energy efficiency certificate (TTE), GSE and ENEA procedures, CAR new technological cogeneration plants, TLR, OCR technologies, Energy sales contracts between private citizens (PPA) and specific implementation of SEU regulation. The law firm has also had the opportunity to be accredited and to collaborate with the industrial sector associations as well the professionals operating in those sectors. A great experience involves also relevant project financing activities in the sector of collaboration between public and private sector (PPP) by assisting promoters in important energy projects, infrastructures and transportation, including telecommunication. This means the follow-up of start-up steps and temporary companies associations, and subsequent activities such as the participation and management of tenders, EPC contracts, O&M and supply, drawing up financing agreement. At international level, the Experts follow when negotiation and entering into "General Construction" agreements by using approved FIDIC documentation such as the Construction Contract, Plant and Design Build Contract, EPC/Turnkey Contract etc..), the Parties agreements for the project realization ( partnership agreement, joint venture agreement, subcontractor agreement), procedures for public tender participation (International Competitive Bidding), including the support when exchanging financial guarantees.

The Project-Lex team includes Professionals with specific skills in the public sector if gaming particularly referring to Bingo, games long distance, entertainment equipments and VLT, bets on sports and horse races by providing specific services to those companies operating in that sector (i.e. State licensee for Bingo game, VLT management , bets and games long distance) during start-up and strictly regulated activities such as analysis and regulation interpretation, agreements and litigations, including the relationships with local bodies and public administration specifically with Customs offices (Agenzia delle Dogane) and Monopoly bodies (i.e. public tenders, licenses for games, including long distance games, company transfers through the procedure aiming at transferring licenses to third parties), Local Bodies and/or Revenue Offices. It is also provided support during extraordinary activities such as acquisition of Bingo sites, company lease, or transfer.

The Project-Lex team acts as consultant to those companies having cross-borders relationships, particularly in case of international and commercial agreements between Italian and European/extra-European companies such as international sales, partnership agreements and joint ventures, distribution agreements for foreign markets, renting or buying properties abroad, including connected legal activities, thanks to the support of a reliable network of experts operating abroad and selected according to specific skills and background. The experts also support their Clients during jurisdictional issues (contracts or disputes) when assessing jurisdictional aspects and/or judges competences or foreign conciliation bodies (i.e. respondent domiciled abroad, interpretation and/or implementation of contracts clauses when assessing the exclusive competent Court abroad), specific regulation to be implemented, recognition and enforcement of foreign jurisdictional proceedings.

The Project-Lex experts have a deep knowledge of international issues when supporting client companies during the internationalization process on foreign markets and they are supported by a selected network of local partners such as professional accountants and lawyers and providing needed tax and legal assistance during the process steps until the company consolidation in the new market, specifically in those Countries where business leads and institutional relationships are developed (i.e. Dominican Republic, Caribbean area, Panama and Arab Emirates). They also recommend the best internationalization strategy by providing clarifications on local regulations, contacts with local authorities but also the support for potential clients development (through representative on site), tax and legal support concerning import-export activity by relying on a partners and consultants network in several national jurisdiction in order to support Clients in cross-border issues.

The professionals of the law firm are experts in the public law of economics in favor of companies, individuals, associations, and public bodies. In particular the experts provide assistance in the following subjects: tenders for goods and services, works procurement, concession of works and public services, including finance of the project, local public services and municipal companies, activities involving public companies, privatization procedures, public benefits for investments. The law firm carries out activities involving judicial and extra-judicial support, consultancy to companies and public administration offices, generally to those operators/beneficiaries of intervention as to regional, national, EU resources (FESR, FSE, FAS-CIPE-APQ, FSC, FEASR, FEP, etc.) as well as EU and national programs/projects also in the framework of defining the implementation tools of development (memorandum of understanding, contracts of program, services conferences, cooperation programs). Litigation support in the framework of those programs/projects.

The Project-Lex team supports companies in several economic sectors, specifically energy, telecommunication, bank and finance beside the national and European administrative authorities as well as civil and administrative jurisdictions, including arbitrates. They also provide support during preliminary injunction and abuse of dominant position beside the European Commission and the Italian Competition Authority (AGCM), notification of concentration activities, assistance beside AGCM during unfair commercial practices and as to unconscionable clauses of AGCM (providing consultancy in the preliminary questions by the companies) civil proceedings aiming at antitrust damages compensation, including European and national antitrust regulation, unfair competition, advertising regulation and consumer protection.

The law firm includes Professionals who have developed skills in the sector of Telecommunication and new technologies. The main areas include also consultancy and support as to telecommunication services and network, interconnection, numbers portability, daily consultancy for all regulatory aspects of the Clients Operators with continuous changes as well as negotiation and draft of agreements related to telecommunication services. They include also the relationships with Telecommunication Authority and category's associations. The law firm represents and defends also companies operating in the TLC sector in case of disputes involving regulation beside the authority (Agcom), Administrative Courts, and ordinary judicial authority and/or arbitrates proceedings. They also support judicial proceedings as to competition and regulatory aspects (specific issues of connection to the net, abuses of predominant position of incumbent operators and tariff discrimination among the operators) as well as negotiation and draft of any kind of agreement in the sector.

The professionals of the law firm have developed a deep knowledge as to the main institutions of family law and inheritance by providing support in the following activities such as property ownership of spouses and conventional marriage institutions, trust and assets, matrimonial cohabitation more uxorio, guardianship and curatorship, deprival of the exercise of rights, interdiction, incapacity and guardianship, inheritance, statements of succession, acceptance of inheritance, inheritance, joint heir ship and dissolution. The experts provide also assistance as to generational inheritance, namely the transfer of family heritage to next generations.

The Experts of the law firm have developed a deep knowledge of the labor law by providing the following activities: individual and group dismissal, disciplinary procedure, disciplinary disputes and related sanctions, mobility procedures, plans for voluntary redundancy, unemployment benefits (CIGO, CIGS) job security agreements, detachments and transfers, including trade union dialogues, national labour contracts and draft of disciplinary codes, inspections by the Authority and subsequent litigation through assessments.

The Professionals have a lasting experience aiming at ensuring reliable support as to the national taxation system in connection with extraordinary activities, tax planning or complex areas of tax litigation. Particularly a specific support is provided in all taxation issues and in operations connected with M&A and private equity, VAT issues and tax litigation. As to the financial aspect they also provide support in financial activities connected with M&A, project finance or corporate finance in general, financing in connection with export and internationalization, factoring, operational, and leasing agreements, consumer credit.