Avvocato Gianluca Fedeli

Gianluca Fedeli



Gianluca Fedeli, Lawyer

He graduated at the University "La Sapienza" in Rome with a thesis in Private Law about "Partial Nullity". He attended a post-graduation course at the same university in Civil Law.

He achieved his habilitation to practice law as lawyer in November 2003 and he started his more than 10-year career as lawyer specializing in civil and administrative law.

He started his professional practice in Rome at the legal firm "Lallini-Ferrazza- De Santis - LFD" where he improved and developed multidisciplinary skills in civil law subject (family and inheritance, rights in rem, agreements, labour), taxation (indirect taxes) and in the sector of administrative litigation beside the TAR Court.

Since 2007 he has carried out his professional activity by adding experience in banking law and developing specific skills in civil proceeding, execution, and taxation litigation. He has been also consultant for 2 years for some companies operating in renewable energy sector.

Nowadays he works as consultant for some National companies where he deals with civil law issues (cooperatives law and company law), including fiscal law. Since 2012 he entered the mediation body of the Bar Council of Rome.

Precise and reliable person, he has strong analysis skills and the capacity to go deep into a specific juridical issue.