Avvocato Marcello Astolfi

Marcello Astolfi



Marcello Astolfi, Lawyer

He graduated in Law at the University "La Sapienza" in Rome. Then he also attended a post-graduation courses (master) in "Intermediary Issuers Law and Financial Markets and in "Business Law". He has been admitted to practice law at the Court of Appeal of Rome and after a working experience at the Legal Affairs of the Italian Ministry of Economics and Finance; he has started the professional practice in Rome.

In 2007 he was in charge of an Italian legal group operating in the renewable energies sector and nowadays it operates at international level by dealing with activities such as authorizations, financing and plants construction including the connected business activities. He is also responsible for legal activities of a General Contractor operating at international level in projecting and construction of infrastructural and civil works by managing engineering and construction agreements.

Furthermore he has developed specific multidisciplinary skills in administrative law (authorization procedures, both urban and environment regulation) energy law and Renewable Energy Sources (i.e. Benefits related to Energy account, energy market, energy efficiency, TEE, TLR, new technologies, GSE and ENEA procedures), financial law (project finance, leasing, corporate finance) activities and company agreements (JV, New Co, M&A), and commercial agreements (EPC, O&M, Engineering and Construction). He is also an Expert member of the GdL "Energy and Climate" committee in the National Council of Green Economy.

He can work in both Italian and English on international issues and strictly working with Notaries based in Rome and Milan. He has great skills of analysis and full comprehension of each issue as a whole, including subsequent capacity to manage the entire subject on behalf of the Client in the most adequate way.