Massimo Petrucci


Massimo Petrucci, Lawyer

He graduated in Law at the University of Palermo with a thesis in EU law and labor law about "Free movement of workers in Europe". IN 2002 he won the award "Leonardo" and he had the opportunity to work in Bilbao where h had the opportunity to experience the sector of EU structural funds. In 2005 he attended the post-graduation course in "Business Law".

Administrativist lawyer, he specialized in public contracts for works, business financing and social welfare. He is also Senior Consultant at the Ministry of the Economic Development. He experienced more than 10 year professional practice in Italy and abroad as to the consultancy and legal assistance related to the EU policies, management and control of financed projects through EU funds; administrative procedure; invitation to tender, PA contracts and public contracts for works, program agreements; in house providing and mixed investment companies, local public services, aid scheme and funds allocation.

He currently works in English and Spanish, mainly with EU Commission and other EU organizations. Beside his innate ability to establish relationship, his best attitude is the great professionalism when approaching subjects which is widely recognized and appreciated by the Client.