Public Tender and public financing for companies
A good administration has an impact on the good outcome of a business idea that needs delicate steps in order to put it into practice: a good business idea often needs, beside risk capital, public financing support (UE, national and regional funds) also a sound and profitable management of Public Administration relationships (Business Advisory Centre, Offices for Construction and Urban Planning, Territory, Environment and Landscape). The administrative law is, therefore, very important for the good trend of small and medium companies activities. The Project-Lex law firm, aware of the interdisciplinary knowledge of those subjects connected with the companies activities, has acquired strong competences in public financing access, tenders, licenses and concessions for works and services, project financing, local public services and municipal companies, activities involving companies with public participation, privatizations and concessions for investments. Furthermore, the law firm experts have a multiannual experience in sectors of construction, landscape, environment, expropriation by supporting also those companies which play as contractors in projects involving residential, commercial, health and social welfare (Law no. 328/2000), tourism and hotel accommodation, energy and infrastructures, within the entire cycle of developing complex projects, from preliminary step until authorizations and execution. In case of breaches, mistakes, lack of answers by the PA, the need is to appeal to administrative authorities (Regional Administrative Court, Council of State, Administrative Justice, and Independent Authorities) in order to have their rights recognized and ask for damages.